A Birth Journey;
Antenatal Education with a difference

Whether this is your first baby or you have had one or more babies before, this course will completely change your outlook on birth. It is not just about making friends with some people who will have a baby around the same time as you, finding out about how to recognise the signs of labour or what the risks / benefits of an epidural are. That stuff is in there, of course, but there's a heap of other stuff that's really important to know and lots of stuff that's not learning it's just about having time to reflect, to honour, to take in the enormity of this birth and parenting thing and to recognise that, wow, this is all pretty amazing and it's definitely more than getting a baby out.

Let us:

  • Help you plan your birth journey
  • Explain the practicalities & the science
  • Provide the evidence so you can make choices and navigate the system
  • Be honest about the ups and downs
  • Engage you in activities to help you prepare for birth and honour your birth journey
  • Give you the opportunity to make some amazing memories and keepsakes
  • Create a group where you can share without fear of judgement and make life-long friends
  • Cook you lunch or supper and provide a relaxing space for you to learn
  • Wrap you up in love and support
  • Enducate you, empower you, excite you - all about Birth

2.5 weekend days (15 hours) or
8 x eves (16 hours)

Both course formats cover the same material and the price includes a place for both mama and her birth partner. Evening courses suitable from 18 weeks, weekend courses suitable from 28 weeks.



From conception to 14 weeks

Come along and join one of our fortnightly groups to chat about and share your experiences of the early days of pregnancy. Many people feel they cannot tell friends and family that they are pregnant until they have had their 12 week dating scan but the early weeks can be a time when the physical and emotional symptoms of pregnancy are most acute and not having a support network to share and discuss this with is really tough.

Whether you have severe pregnancy sickness, are exhausted, anxious, excited or all of the above come to chat, share and learn some techniques to help you through the early days.

One payment of £10 secures a life time pass to as many early weeks classes as you would like to attend.

Classes run fortnightly
7pm - 9pm
including refreshments.

Please book in advance so that I make enough cake!

Sprinkling Some Magic on your Birth Journey

1:1 Antenatal Education

If you would like to prepare for birth in the comfort of your own home on a one to one basis I can put together a package just for you. My hourly rate is £40 per hour including travel and all learning materials, please contact me here for more details

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